Dr Pauline Christmas
Consultant physiotherapist for management of spasticity in children

Dr Pauline Christmas has a career as a physiotherapist specialising in children with cerebral palsy (CP) which extends over thirty-five years and she continues to work clinically. Since 2006 this has included practising as the only NHS consultant physiotherapist in the management of spasticity in children. This clinical expertise has been augmented by postgraduate training. In 2002 an MSc examined a screening tool for CP in the high-risk population and in 2016 a PhD investigated constraint induced movement therapy in hemiplegic cerebral palsy which was published in Clinical Rehabilitation in 2018. In recognition of an exceptional contribution to the advancement of paediatric physiotherapy a Fellowship of the Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists was awarded in 2019.

The combined clinical experience and post-graduate training has enabled the development of a unique approach to the treatment and training in cerebral palsy called Evidence-based practical application. The training has been conducted primarily through the development of courses for therapists. Furthermore, there is an extensive portfolio of national and international presentations.