Dr Annemarie Lombard
Founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence Consulting, a Thought Leader and Subject Expert on sensory neuroscience with 30 years of experience.

• HPCSA (Health professions council of SA) registration
• Author of "Sensory Intelligence - why it matters more than IQ and EQ"
• National Gold Award for Best Non-Technical Innovation – awarded by BPeSA, 2010
• Professional Category Winner, Business Woman of the Year, awarded by the SACBW, 2008/9
• Learning material accredited by University of Stellenbosch

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting Our Vision: To help people be healthy, happy and productive through the 7 senses.

It makes sense. In a world of constant chaos, overload, stress, and change we go back to basics and create life-changing aha moments of self-insight and self-awareness for people who want to manage themselves better.

Our work is embedded in research and neuroscience, tried and tested, and provides tangible personal and business results for sustained growth and success. We are a niche group of passionate healthcare professional experts based in virtual, home and flexible workspaces.

We have an unquestioned reputation with a no-fuss approach in designing, delivering and monitoring learning and development journeys for our clients.