Dr Sunil K Munshi

Dr Sunil Munshi is a Consultant Stroke Physician and Geriatrician based at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, having joined there in 2006. He qualified from the University of Kashmir, India and then pursued his further career in Mumbai and the UK. Sunil obtained his MD and Diplomate degree from India, became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and also a Fellow of the European Stroke Organisation.

Dr Munshi founded the acclaimed Stroke Foundation Course in 2007, where to date more than 720 nurses and therapists have attended over the last 13 years. The programme is now extending to medical schools in Leicester and Nottingham.

The Stroke Foundation Programme was nominated for the BMJ Education Award in 2017-18. The essence of the programme is the fact that it traverses the entire stroke journey and is completely multidisciplinary, addressing every aspect of stroke.

Dr Munshi has numerous publications to his name; his biggest achievement is the publication of the textbook of stroke, ‘Stroke in The Older Person’ with Oxford University Press, in Jan 2020. This book is by far the most complete book on Stroke and available all over the world.

Sunil was awarded the ‘Best Clinical Teacher’ of Nottingham University Hospitals in 2007 in an anonymous poll of junior doctors. He received the Health Innovation & Education Cluster award for Stroke Teaching in 2012-13.

In his role as a member of the Training & Education committee of the British Association of Stroke Physicians, Dr Suni Munshil contributes to national educational policy in Stroke. Sunil is a keen artist and his paintings can be viewed online:(https://www.shehjar.com/blog/Paintings-by-KP-artists354)