Carolyn Cleveland
Founder and Managing Director of C&C Empathy Training
BSc (Hons) Cert Counselling
Specialism in Loss and bereavement

Carolyn has a background in psychology, counselling, and conceived C&C Empathy Training from her direct experience of patient safety issues, compassionate communication failure, the inquest system and the NHS complaints process.

Carolyn experienced the loss of a child and found many of these systems did not grasp her emotional experience, motivations or needs, following this tragic loss. This was apparent individually and culturally, feeding into staff behaviour and negatively impacting on outcomes and wellbeing for her and staff involved.

Carolyn is passionate about promoting long term change through training and development by humanising processes and empowering staff to support themselves, colleagues, patients and loved ones, all done in a friendly and supportive learning environment using her unique LEED Communications Programme® and her BE HUMAN Model.

Carolyn has been public speaking on emotions and empathy in real life situations since 2006, reaching diverse audiences, creating further insight into some of the more complex emotional needs of the people in the process and in vulnerable positions, as well as staff personal emotional responses.

At the core of Carolyn’s work, is her thought provoking experience and personal journey, told with honesty and candour, valuing support and promotion of emotional awareness for staff to aid wellbeing. This is joined together with her academic study, analysis and personality, and her belief that understanding the ‘why’ something needs doing, rather than just ‘what’. This enables long term positive change and development, both individually and culturally. Carolyn works with multiple trusts, the Ministry of Justice, NHS England and the coronial system.