Andrew McCauley
Founder of ProCare Sports Medicine

Andrew is a highly experienced and specialised physiotherapist in musculoskeletal and sports medicine. He currently divides his time between ProCare Sports Medicine and working as an extended scope practitioner in hips, knees and shoulders.

Andrew has worked with a number of professional and high level athletes from a mixture of different sports including: netball, football, running, cross fit and martial arts. He started with a degree in PE/Sports Science from Liverpool University. This included modules in exercise physiology: sports psychology, coaching science and a final year dissertation researching ‘Overuse injuries in Dancers’. He then graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland with an honours degree in physiotherapy. His final year dissertation focused on ‘Overuse Injuries in Professional Soccer Players’. In 2013, Andrew completed his masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine from Exeter University with distinction. His research looked at ‘Achillies Tendinopathy and Tibial Stress Fractures in Marathon Runners’. He has extensive post graduate training in manual therapy (MACP) including spinal manipulation. Andrew has also qualified as a Certified Strength and Conditional Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in the USA. This enables him to develop detailed and specific exercise programmes so that clients adapt and get stronger in the quickest possible timeframe. It also helps with improving sports performance and athletic development. As well as exercise therapy, Andrew uses a mixture of manual treatment techniques, taping, video biomechanical analysis and he is also trained in injection therapy.

Andrew has a passion for sports medicine and athletic development. He believes that if someone wants to train or play sport, they deserve the best treatment possible. He is dedicated to helping diagnose, rehabilitate and improve athletes from all ages and levels.