Sensory Integration for Mental Health and Wellbeing
SI Network
On 23rd - 24th March 2017 in Derby for 2 day(s)
at Royal Derby Hospital

Promoting Participation in Daily Life - Adolescents, Adults & Older Adults in Mental Health and Learning Disability Services including forensic and secure settings. From 16 to 60 and beyond. The application and practice of Ayres' Sensory Integration with adolescents, adults and older adults.

The wrong sensory input or problems with integration disrupts function. It is like being tortured, which is a form of imposed sensory input to deliberately disrupt function. Conversely, creating the right sensory environments and supporting people to get their sensory needs met appropriately means that they are able to think, learn, remember and communicate more easily.
Come and find out more about the clinical application of sensory integration theory and sensory approaches in acute and secure settings for those working with adolescents, adults and older adults.

Course Aims

Day 1

Setting the Scene
- Explore and consider Ayres' sensory integration and its application with adolescents, adults and older adults
- Consider evidence from Ayres' sensory integration and neuroscience.
- We will do this using clients stories and case study.
- What's different? What's the same? - Working across the ages with Ayres SI

Consider and explore different presentations:
- Stages of presentation
- Referral reasons
- Commissioning service drivers
- Assessment

Using video and case study, we will present a range of assessment methods used within these different clinical populations including:
- Use of standardised and norm referenced assessment tools from SI and beyond
- Clinical observations from Ayres' SI
- Unstructured observations
- Importance of interview and narrative alongside client psycho-education.
- Whilst emphasising clinical reasoning based in Ayres' SI, we will present and explore how to combine and use Ayres' SI alongside other psychological approaches exploring the supporting neuroscience - defining the differences and similarities.

Day 2

Why SI and how do we know it can make a difference?

We will make clear links to occupation, function and participation, in considering how to measure the impact of Ayres' SI interventions within this client population. Using case study and research we will explore the selection of outcome measures and how to use the results to:
- Motivate clients and maintain therapeutic engagement
- Educate and influence others in the multidisciplinary team
- Drive service delivery and design SI.
- This will be done with reference to WHO, European Healthcare Delivery Directives and Fidelity to Ayres' SI.

Intervention approaches
Using case studies and video we will consider environmental affordances across a range of treatment settings - from hospital or home (secure/forensic/community/clinic). We will present and explore equipment restrictions and opportunities with these settings and across the ages from adolescents to adults and older adults, considering possibilities to be found in community resources.
You will consider and plan how to action and implement your learning over the last 2 day into clinical practice.

Who will Benefit
  • This course is aimed at therapists working with adolescents, adults and older adults.
Additional Information
  • Attendance certificate will be issued.
Fees / Funded Places
  • £370.00
  • Limited funded places may be available for AHP's & Nurses working for the NHS within the East Midlands.

  • Refreshments included.
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