Seminar: Calculating Capacity, Defining Demand and Measuring Productivity of Health Services in the Community
Dr Sidney Chu
On 5th March 2018, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm in Derby for 1 Day(s)
at London Road Community Hospital

Traditionally, there are different approaches used in the NHS to define caseload, calculate unit cost and the productivity of a clinical service. Information generated may be used to calculate staffing levels and also set standards for performance management. Clinical services can use the information for marketing specific services to other potential commissioners or funding bodies. This seminar will focus on examining the relationship between demand and capacity, strategies for increasing the capacity, and the impact on the productivity of a service. Because of time constraint, the costing and unit cost of a service will not be covered.

The following topics will be covered in this seminar:
1. Approaches used in calculating capacity, defining demand and measuring productivity of health services.
2. Steps for calculating capacity of a service, considering 'On Duty Hours', 'Clinical Input Hours' and 'Time and Motion Study'.
3. Factors to be considered when defining the demand of a service.
4. Conceptualise demand based on clinical pathways and packages of care.
5. Relationship between demand and capacity.
6. Strategies to be considered to increase the capacity of a service.
7. Measure the productivity of individual staff and the whole service.
8. Other factors to be considered in service management and development.
9. Questions and Discussions - Conclusions

Additional Information
  • Attendance certificate will be issued.
Fees / Funded Places
  • £60.00
  • *SPECIAL OFFER* Now only £100 when you book onto this course and the Seminar: An Introduction to a Family-Centred, Outcome-Focused and 3-Tiered School-Based Occupational Therapy Model of Integrated Service Delivery (course ref. 2386)
  • Offer available for new bookings only.
  • Limited funded places may be available for AHPs & Nurses working for the NHS within the East Midlands.

  • Refreshments included.
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